NEON outline manufacture & installation

Neon outline red & white.39 000mm outline total 4 resin black out door transformers.

Indoor bulkhead halo red NEON total 18 000mm.

I had the pleasure of installing on a public holiday Heritage Day (braai day)

Although due to an incorrect site check the finale sign off was way past deadline

IMG_0181 IMG_0185 IMG_0186 IMG_0308


Rand Merchant Bank. As an ongoing service I repair coated blue 15mm NEON for one of the best sign Electrition installers I know.




Super blue cross-over single tube neon.
Coated yellow cross-over single tube neon.
Clear red & super blue straights


NEON.Manufacture, assemble & install

Neon manufacture of 3 sets “Roadhouse” assembled at Jotta Design. Single tube white.IMG_20140823_111200IMG_20140823_153209 IMG_20140823_111148 IMG_20140823_153150 IMG_20140823_163105

Neon manufacture of 2 sets “Roadhouse”assembled at Jotta Design. Single tube white.IMG_20140825_195201

Manufacture of 53 000mm of red neon outline of canopy. Installation late into night.IMG_20140829_154509 IMG_20140829_154527 IMG_20140905_104116 IMG_20140905_104143 IMG_20140905_132012

Unfortunaly two weeks after neon was completed & installed a truck hit the double sided pylon. As a result Jotta Design re-fabricated “Roadhouse” &  I re-manufactured “Roadhouse” neon.