NEON. Quality Neon customer service.

A client asks if I can manufacture 3 signs. So I go check for an example 2012-10-08.

First quote & production begins on 2012-10-15. Complete 2012-10-22.

Client sends me a photo of the job 2013-05-24. One on the Neon units has been broken.     I keep all past job tracings. I make the new Neon unit. All Good.

IMG01025-20121008-1117 910 IMG-20130524-WA000 20130526_211117

Neon Beetle Bar



360 mm Beetle Bar 140 mm 12 mm Clear Red Single-Tube neon.

1800 mm x 780 mm 15 mm Super Blue Single-Tube neon with a 5 mm white perspex & black vinyl to create a halo effect.