6 sets +- 2500mm x  5500mm x 120mm. Perspex fabricated letters , LED modules  & LED Drivers supplied to Quality Neon for assembly. Installation at Lynwood Pretoria.

Total job took a month to complete.

20130427_16380320130430_14192520130521_00140820130430_123707 20130427_163901

NEON. Pretzels Pub & Grill

490mm Pretzels. 15mm Single tube Red Neon.                                                                     380mm Pub & Grill. 15mm Single tube Blue Neon.                                                                 30 000mm = 19 units of standard Neon.


On the trip to deliver I did drive past some of the Neon I manufactured in the past.         20130514_07044920130514_07071620130514_062734              2008-10-04 , 2009-11-06 & 2009-12-04