NEON.Manufacture, assemble & install

Neon manufacture of 3 sets “Roadhouse” assembled at Jotta Design. Single tube white.IMG_20140823_111200IMG_20140823_153209 IMG_20140823_111148 IMG_20140823_153150 IMG_20140823_163105

Neon manufacture of 2 sets “Roadhouse”assembled at Jotta Design. Single tube white.IMG_20140825_195201

Manufacture of 53 000mm of red neon outline of canopy. Installation late into night.IMG_20140829_154509 IMG_20140829_154527 IMG_20140905_104116 IMG_20140905_104143 IMG_20140905_132012

Unfortunaly two weeks after neon was completed & installed a truck hit the double sided pylon. As a result Jotta Design re-fabricated “Roadhouse” &  I re-manufactured “Roadhouse” neon.

NEON.LED.Service Call

Service call done in Braamfontuin. Replace missing NEON units with H/T cable to complete the circuit. Use existing units to make 6 x 15mm supa blue new units. Replace a 30 watt LED power supply with a 35 watt LED power supply.





Prd Design. Fab. NEON. Digital. LEDS

Custermer sent a jpeg & sizes. I designed the sign for production. I sent the sign to Polokwane. 2 broken units & 1 repump. Double tube super blue & single tube white neon. Opal plexiglas face with a black return of 80mn. 5050 led moduls & a digital print on face.Electronic neon transformer.