First of all thank you for giving me the opportunity to manufacture your

New Age Quality Neon Sign

To create your sign I need time and patients

Neon is a glass tubing with atoms pulled (stretched) apart from each other

in a shaped/controlled environment.

Considering the neon lamp is activated/powered by high voltage transformer

I need to insure the neon glass tube is perfect.

Neon glass is fragile. It could take 30mins to complete 1 neon unit most of the neon units take  1hour – 4hours to bend.

The bent unit is then heated up to 400 degrees to clean out & check for leaks.

Atoms in the shaped neon unit are pulled a part , heated & clean of any air.

Insuring the neon unit is free of cracks , leaks or any kind of impurities it is then fulled with a small amount of neon or argon , red or blue gas.

So to create your neon sign with the right  ambience light source I’m ganna need you to understand it is a art to manufacture neon.

I’m very passionate about what I do.

Love what you DoIMG_20140311_155956_edit

Do what you Love